It is a nonsurgical prcedure to treat the skin with a diamond tip esterizdos wearing of the skin a proces called "peeling" the same team with your vacnnm system sucks the debris removing dead cells particle reducing blemishes,wrinkles or any unwanted pigmentation on the skin.
The moderate use of the micro-dermabrasion a long with other skin products that penetrates through the surface layer of the dermis, helping to improve skin nutrition, restoring cell activity and promoting healthy skin.

The result of the micro-dermabrasion treatment is usually a healthy and beautiful skin. 

The following table shows the main ones

Can treat all skin types. Younger look
No side effects Younger ace,neck,arms,shoulders,back and legs, that have been damaged in the sun.
Low cost. Gentle skin.
No anestetic and no pain. Reduces the ageing prosess.
Cleans/tones/exfoliates Reduces marks and acne.
Reduces open pores. Reduces the grease in the skin.
Reduces expresion lines.

Removes blackheads.

No recoperation time. In general a better looking sink.
No use of chemicals. Is the alternative to laser.