Laser wavelength: 808 nm
Power: 1500W
Display: 8.4inch color touch LCD screen
Spot size: 10 x 10 mm2
Pulse width: 10-1, 400 ms adjustable
Energy: 1-120 J/cm2 adjustable
Energy: 0.5~10Hz
Cooling: Water, air and Semiconductor
Temperature of probe: -2~3 ºC
Environment temperature: 5-40 ºC
Relative humidity: <=80%
Atmospheric pressure: 860hpa-1060hpa
Working Voltage: 220V / 60 / 50 Hz
Size: 49x49x103 cm
N.W.: 52 kg


The ability to lean more deeply into the skin through the application of the handpiece through which light emitted consisted by a cooled sapphire tip at 4 C by an internal circuit that keeps the water cool.  Pressing the handpiece on the skin SKIN LASER HAIR REMOVER:

  • Cool the skin and gaining safety by avoiding the risk of burning the epidermis.
  • Move to other chromphores that could be compelet with absorption of the laser as hemoglobin in the circulating blood.
  • Refine by pressing the dermis and near the point of light emission target or goal of the laser hair remover is the hair shaft, the matrix epithelium surrounding the area of the hair bulb and pluripotent stem cells that populate the bulge and are responsble for hair re-entry into anagen phase or producing hair shaft.