Type of light sources: 

LED biological wave


Red color: 640±5 nm

Blue color: 470±5 nm

Yellow color: 590±5 nm

Green color: 540±5 nm

Leds lamp number



5.7" touch

Temperature of the lamp panel


2 Handles frequency:

1 handle for face the 30 hz

1 handle for eyes the 20 hz

Output Power Energy:


Working temperature:


Relative Humidity:


Atmospheric pressure:




The combined photodynamic light emission by a LED lamp (light emittg diodes,blue for acne and red for rejuvenation.) with  the application on the skin of a substance called ALA (d-Amion-levulinic) which sensitizes the skin to  the light emission.  this serves to increase their impact on rejuvenation treatments,acne and tumors. The effectiveness of each session depends on the duration of exposure to the light and the amount of ALA applied.It is easy to apply the entire session lasts about 20 minutes and is ABSOLUTELY painless.

Red Light
Promotes blood circulation activates muscles reduces fat relieves anemia and respiratory distress,improves cardiopulmonary function and even improves.

Yellow Light
Improves oxygenation of the cells, renews skin,slows ageing,improvs platelet production, improves the apperances of dull skin and blemishes, and improves blood circulation to warm hands and feet.

Blue Light
Promotes collagen protein synthesis and gastric active muscles, smoothes the loose skin and stretch marks caused by pregnancy.  Radiating on the glabella (between the eyebrows and the nose.) relaxes the body and mind.

Green Light
Reduces the secretion of sebum is oily skin problems (blackheads and acne) also eye diseases and chronic diseases.

Injuries oncological
Appliction of light induces the elimination of tumor cells selectively.


Acne is a process "multifactorial" which presents three circumstances.
- An increased secretion of the sebaceous gland due to androgencic stimulation.
- Formation of comedones.
- The gland infection by bacteria called " propionibacterium acne".

Many patients require oral treatments,not free form side effects or simply do not work.  It is estimated that resistance to antiboitics has increased to 62% in the recent years.  For this is why we seek new therepeutic options among which is the photodynamic therapy for acne.  Photodynamic acne therapy is used with a blue light and externally in cream free radicals that destroy the bacteria involved in acne. The laser responsible for emitting blue light laser system that is capable issuing three types of lights.

Patients are assessed before which is what sets the appropriate treatment protocal. Usually you do 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks.

In each session consistes of:

1º) Cleaning is performed, aftere cleaning the skin which may include a gentle peel.
2º) Applyed to the sink  the photosensitizing substance for 5 to 20 minutes. depending on each case.
3º) The skin exposed for 20 - 30 minutes to the emission of the blue light,depending on each case.
4º) Applies home maintenance treatment recommended by the specialist.

The improvement is evident within a few sessions and more weeks after having completed four weeks of treatment.