Weight: 28 kg. Dimensions: 54*40*39cm

Technical Specifications:

Screen: 8"4 inch wide color touch
Wavelength: 420-1200nm; 480-1200nm; 530-1200nm; 560-1200nm and 640-1200nm
Power energy: 0-50J/cm2
Pule amount: 1-15 pulse adjustable
Pulse duration: 1.0 - 20.0 ms adjustable
Pulse delay: 1.0-50 ms adjustable
Shot interval: 1-4 s
Repetition Frequency: 0.3 a 1Hz
Crystal: Sapphire interchangeable
Spot size: 8x40mm o 15x50mm
Cooling System: Water, Air and Semiconductor.
Cooling Temperature: -5 a 3ºC
Power supply: 220V / 60/50Hz
Power enegy: 1500W

Optional Handpiece RF:

Bipolar: 15mm y 30mm
Energy density: 1 ~ 50J/cm3
Output power: 30W - 350W
Frequency: 10MHz


• Reduction ofe pores.
• Acne Control.
• Permanent hair removal.
• Facial rejuvenation.
• Remove vascular lesions.
• Removes freckles and sunspots.
• Fades fine wrinkles.
• Removes abnormal skin pigmentation.
• Cellulite Reduction.
• Breast Lift.
• Improves facial contours.
• Improves body contour.
• Improve pregnancy scars.
• Improves skin elasticity loose.
• Reduce the density of fat in the body.


1 x Handpiece E-Light 8*40 o 15*50 (about 70.000 shots)

5 x Filters 420-1200, 480-1200, 530-1200, 560-1200 y 640-1200nm.

1 x Transport Box

2 x Safety goggles.
1 x Funnel.
1 x Plug.
1 x Manual
2 x Security Key.
1 x Certificate of Guarantee.

System facial and full body incorporating ELOS technology, electro synergy, proven group the laser hair removal, wrinkles,age spots and acne.  The search for new tecnologies that can be applied in treatment has resulted ELOS, or electro-optical synergy. This technologies basicaly combines the optical and radio frequency energy generated  mainly:

1. Synergistic effect generated between 2 energies.
2. The possibility of using lower levels in both energies being so easier to apply in all types of skin and minimizes the side reactions that can generate each.

The use of ELOS technology has proven highly effective in treatment of cellulite, it can also be used in anti-aging treatments, varicose veins and hair removal to name a few.

Most dermatologists are familiar with a wide range of apparatus that use a single laser source, of optical energy to achieve selective Phototehemolysis. However, directing optical energy to specific points beneath the skin represents some challenges, for example, lightphotons are absorbed by melanin in contact with the skin, for that reason only a portion of photon fails to reach the purpose for which they were intended. The variation requires a greater amount of thermal energy to achieve effective action. Consequentlyincreases also the risk of causing adverse reaction in the skin.

Clinicions should consider the patients skin type, the area that will be treated, the optical wavelength and  pulse laser system before appling any laser procedure. 

The radio frequency electrical energy has become one of the most used cosmetic procedures today. This type of tissue interacts with the tissue to produce heat.  Unlike optical energy, radio frequency electrical current produces heat by ions and not absorption of photons. Even though the radio frequency dependent electrical conductivity tissue that are aimed to generate a thermal action selective radio frequency.  Energy is not precipitated by the tissue or absorbed by melanin, coupled with this clinical reports claim that radio frequency heating reaches higher levels.  Unlike optical energy, radio frequency electric current produces heat by ions and  not the absorption of photos. Even though the radio frequency dependent electrical conductivity of the tissue are aimed to generate a thermal action selective radio frequency energy is not precipitated by the tissue or absorbed by melanin.  Wither this clinical reports claim that radio  frequency heating reaches levels much more dermal penetration laser devises.  In addition the radio frequency can heat naturally the collagen and stimulating new ones to generate fibroblasts. 

Adverse reaction resulting from radio highlights, medium or severe pain during treatment, therefore requires a local anesthesia.  In some patients could generate blisters and burns and some skin inflammation. 

Sydergistic Mechanism :

The optical power radio frequency electric and acts synergistically as follows. The luminous components convert the optical energy into heat, in accordance with the principle of selective photothermolysis and bipolar radio frequency components generates heat by a stream of ions based on the electrical conductivity of the tissue. Electric currents always follow the path that is the least resistance, this phenomenon is known as impedance. The impedanceis directly proportional to the heat, this means that the higher the temperature of the structure the attraction of the electric current will be higher. The same principle applies in reverse, in an area of tissue in cold applied reduces its conductivity.

ELOS in the application the optical component is generally used to heat the area and reduce its impedance. By opening the way to the radio frequency electrical energy so that this component of the ELOS system to control heat in a cooling devise. The cool skin reduces its impedance and provides protection and comfort, when properly combined energies pre-cooling of the skin gives greater control of the treatment and improves the ability to direct the electrical current deeper than luminous systems.

Based on the above mechanism the optimal treatment method using ELOS is pre-cooling of the epidermis, followed by simultaneous application of optical energy and bipolar radio frequency energies.

What is pulsed light?

The IPL process uses intense pulse light to get depending on the wavelength applied to the treatment outcome defined according to the pathology being treated.

The IPL technology transcends the older, painful in these conditions.  It can be used to treat larger areas like the back, thighs, arms, legs and face, gentle and effective for hair removal as well as progressive and as for other skin problems.

What are the benefits of IPL hair removal?

• Large areas can be treated simultaneously.
• Acts as effectively in light skin and dark skin.
• Less likely to produce changes in the pigment.
• Less pain and discomfort compared with other techniques.
• IPL is effective on anybody area where you want a smooth, youthfullooking hair free, spots and vascular lesions.

How many treatments are needed?

El numero de tratamientos necesarios para obtener beneficios optimos a largo plazo depende del area tratada, de la densidad del vello o gravedad de la lesion.

In case of hair grows in cycles that are regulated by multiples of factors of influence.  Age, weight, race, hormones, diet, medication and metabolism among others play on the impact role in hair location.-Thickness and strength.

Typically for pigmented lesions and vascular skin with visible results a few weeks, sometimes only a couple of session are required to achieve optimal result.

Face lifting unlike any other treatments with intense pulsed light sometimes requires a great number of sessions to get a good result. Although it depends the level of the lines and wrinkles, age and other factored that may affect the process of rejuvenation.

What is RF?

Are electromagnetic radiation that oscillate simultanagnetic in the electric and magnetic field. RF devices with application aesthetics dual generate an electric field, causing a movement of rotation of the molecules generates heat that can reach depths of up to 20mm.  Reaching the adipose tissue and cellulite.

The radio frequency allows us to obtain the effect known as "lifting" to reduce sagging of the tissues and tightness of the skin. The radio frequency gradually heated the deep layers of the skin increasing the expression of collagen so the skin contracts and tenderness decreases(reaffirmation coetaneous).

Reaching 46c ( temperature at which it gradually comes and without causing burns.)  This deep heating improves local circulation, promotes the degradation of adipose tissue and stimulates the drainage of  retained fluids and toxins in the tissues.

What do you get?

The treatment is used throughout the body.  In the face skin contact, defines the oval of the face, raises the eyebrows and neck (double chin) and reshapes the contour of the eyes. In the body reduces the flabby arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs due to age ,pregnancy and sudden change in weight.

The formation of the new collagen fibers in the skin and underlying tissue given strengh and eliminating sagging. Formation of fibroblasts that reinforces the structure of collagen and rejuvenate the treaded area. 

This new technology Unipolar and Bipolar RF. is applied customized to your skin type and treatment of area.  Despite the high temperatures that can reach the tissue, the application of RF is not annoying or painful.  Before you begin cleaning the area to try and apply a gel that facilitates the sliding of the hand and reduces the sensation of heat.  In addition, the device has a cry therapy system that keeps the head cold  that is in contact with the skin.  Thus reducing heat discomfort and avoiding the risk of burns.


The result can be seen in 2 phases: the first accrue immediately by achieving existing collagen contraction. The second accrues gradually over the weeks and the maximum effect is achieved about 3 month after stating treatment.  When you complete the formation of the new collagen. During this period may be carried from one to several sessions depending on the skin, the need and individual patient response to the treatment.