Technical Specifications:

Size:55 x 38 x 28cm
Weight: : 6,7 Kg
Output Power: 68w
Power Supply: 220V/50hz


What is vacuumtherapy?

Is a noninvasive therapy that improves skin condition by treating the skin and subcutaneous tissues.  The exercise apparatus controlled pressure on the skin massage that improves circulation and tissue, is different connetive tissue disorders.

How does it work?

Stimulates vascuularization and elimination of toxins.  Boosting trade and mobilizes intracellular "gel conjunctive" to return to its natural state.Operation promtes venuos and lympatic systems.  Shapes the body reducing volume and power subcutaneous tissue lipolysis. 


In direct contatc with the skin and through the use of cosmetic substances, a vacuum is created through a drink or head in contact with the body causing a massage  connective tissue. 

How is this process done?

Sucking capsules are placed at various points on the body by creating an empty space the surface and attracting more blood and lymphatic circulation, which in turn produces an increase in the circlation of toxins and hyperthermia.(with increased temperature.)

When do you see the result?

The average number of sessions is two per week.  The sessions usually lasts for 40 minutes.  Early results are noted  at the 6th or 8th session, but the average is 15 sessions which is suggested. 

Variables of efficacy

The efficacy depends on age, lifestyle, hormonal changes and the inital condition of the skin. 

General guide line

• Tones the blood circulatory system and lymphatic system.

• Increase the amout and activity of  fibroblasts, production of collagen,elastin proteeoglicinas.

• Removes organic waste.

•Promotes oxygenation on the cell metabolism.


• Muscle spasums and sport injuries.

• Tired legs,inflamation, edema of sequelae of burns (hypertrophic scares,keloid).

• Joint pains, rheumatic problems,arthritis, osteoarthritis.

• Constipation Digestive disorder.

• Problems with venous return. Varicos veins and hemorrhoids.

• Localized fat, celluite and contouring.

• At the applicator  and facial pressure are adapted to the delicacy of the area.  It is used in cases of ageing, revitalizing excess liquid.(double chin)

• In musclue spasms,jiont disease,tendonitis and various problems with the skeletal system, occlusion of capillaries and poor circulation in muscule tissue can cause aches and pains.

• The vacuumtherapy carries blood, oxygen and heat to the area giving and revering the symptoms and muscle flexibility. 

• Circulatory problems effect in venous and lymphatic drainage.Intermittent traction opens the initial lymphatic system resulting in a water reabsorption and protein for maximum draining effect.  The opening sstructures arterial venous and lymphatic promote increase blood flow and cell nutrition. Studies show with laser doppler confirms an increase in local blood flow of 400 to 500% post massage vacuomovilizacion assisted as it is useful for a real gym tissue.

• In lipocirugia subcutaneous connective tissue befors and after the lipcirugia.  It is recommended 4 to 5 sessions before liposuction but never on the day of surgery.  After surgery you should wait until the bandages are removed and an all clear for the doctor.

• In general improvement of the skin its upper layers exfoliating stimulating fibroblasts stimulates elastin and improving skin tone and tissus restructuring.