VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY (without needles)


In virtual mesotherapy apply midrange and low modulation of currents on the surface of the skin, causing micro-pores in the membranes of cells that temporarily open and allow the appliction of active substances through the skin.  This allows the therapist to replace the minerals,vitamins and omino acid that are reduced overtime.

The components of this technology are four:

  • Active current.  The current activity promotes better blood suppley, ensuring that it abosorbed the largest amount of produc evenly.  As a positive side effect, can reduce the apperance of VARICOSE VEINS.

  • Hidroelectoroporacion. The hidrelectoroporacion helps the active substances in aqueous
    solutions penetrate the tissue and transport molecules across the skin barrier.

  • Electroporation. Electroporation promotes the permeabailty of the cell membrane, producing transient pores in it which facilitater the passage of substances.

  • Crioporacion.  The cold temperature coporacion applies to drugs remain within the cells of the skin.  It also moves substances of the lower layers under optimal circmstances achieving a greater resorption.  This improves the performance of the solutios that have been administered.