What is the machine?

Facial anayalysis is an easl showing status of the entire facial skin, spots,pores,regualarity, acne and sun damaged skin. 
Facial skin not only from today. 
We can now "see" the facal skin in the future. 
Easy to compare the changes in the skin befor and after treatment. 
You can check the quality of the cosmetics SPF andPA++.


Analysis the skin of the epidermis such as colour, depht and properties of the skin and all types of skin problems.

Depth analysis of the Sin
A) Analysis of wrinkles: properties,desity,deph and cleaning modes.
B) Analysis of spots: areas analyzed in depth,admensions,density and effectively remove stains.


1. 10 Mega pixels;
2. Auto-focus;
3. Auto-analysis;
4. UV speech system;
5. 3: 4 preview system;
6. Slping frot window;
7. Adjustable chin holder;
8. Multi-language support;